Help me with codeeeeee


Welcome to the forum!

But first, read and follow the instructions in this post, so you know what to do in order for forum members to provide useful help.

For example, always post code using code tags, not as a picture.

You don’t have an opening bracket for the if else and you have two ending brackets. Add one at the top and get rid of one at the bottom

Post your code, there are other errors…

Select your entire code in the Arduino IDE> Right click> "Copy to forum"> Paste in the reply box.

first off, WELCOME to the forum. we were all new once and I can assure you, we ALL have made our fair share of mistakes. this IS the place to fix them !!!

But, please do read post #1 and the link posted.
once you get the hang of the tools that we need to help you, things will go pretty easy to get you up and doing your first projects.

my personal pet peeve is the subject line. there are maybe 2,000 members who have specialist skills, maybe 10% know the details of what you seek. your subject line draws those like moths to a flame. a poor subject line has old farts rambling on about the importance of subject lines and don't help your project one bit.

simple question : which of these is having a problem with a display ?

A simple question
Help Needed school project
I am looking for code
Help me with codeeeeee
Weird input behavior

simply "else", not "if else"

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