Help needed compiling KmanOz-SOnOff

I have done this before, a few years ago, and succeeded, but did not take notes and am doing something wrong now – please help.

I am trying to compile the KmanOz-SOnOff code to upload to a device. I am using Arduino IDE V1.8.8 and the relevant directories are structured as:

Per an email from KmanOz a few years ago, I have the board set as ‘Generic ESP8285 module’ and the Flash Size as ‘1M(64K SPIFFS)’.

However, when I click on Sketch->Verify/Compile, I get a huge slew of errors. This suggests to me that I have forgotten to do something or am missing a library. Sadly, when I googled how to compile this code, I found nothing useful. So, would you please either point me to instructions or tell me what I am doing wrong. Thanks.

Are you talking about the old version from 5 years ago:

or the updated version from 4 years ago:

Thank you, but... I followed steps 1-3 precisely. The problem is ' Flashing the Firmware: I will assume you have the necessary skills to complete this step.' I must be missing something or am doing something wrong. What must I do??


I am using the version from 4 years ago.

On the off chance that something got screwed up on my machine, I am planning to uninstall the Arduino IDE, wipe everything associated with it from my computer, then re-install. Wonder if that might help?

I think they are saying to look up on Google how to flash firmware on an ESP3266:

I will assume you have the necessary skills to complete this step. As mentioned earlier, you'll need the Arduino IDE and you'll need to move the files you just cloned to the right directories. There are plenty or tutorials that cover all the steps involved already published on the Internet and it's only a Google search away.

I reinstalled the Arduino IDE. After doing this, I recompiled, and once I set the preferences to 'Compiler Warnings->None', it compiled just fine. Must have been something screwed up with the IDE installation...

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