Help needed with 12V relays

The circuit I am using is

For some reason, no matter what I try, the relay won't activate. Connecting 12V power to one side of the coil and 12V gnd to the other makes it click, but the Arduino won't activate the relay through the transistor. (Yes, I checked the transistor direction. )

Please help! I need to get this project done.

What did you use for the resistor value? Are you sure you have control over D13 (that is, how do you know your sketch is actually working?)

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Resistor value is 33K ohms and the built-in led on pin 13 is lighting up and turning off.

33k is probably too high. Try for 1k or lower (no lower than 220 ohms or so).

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Tried 1K ohm, no luck. Also tried switching out the transistor with another identical one, still no cigar.

Did you remember to wire the ground of the 12volt supply to a arduino ground pin? It is required.


Here's a picture if it helps:

Oh, no I did not. (nice post sniping, btw XD) IT WORKS! Thank you so much. Major props.