Help on led board project

Hello everyone,

As i have no experience with working with an arduino, i was wondering if someone could help me out with my project.

In my project, i would like to display a number presented in an online excel sheet on a led board (e.g. The number in the excel sheet is dynamic, so the number on the led board should be automatically updated when the number in the excel sheet is updated. Preferably the led board is connected wireless to something like an arduino.

Now i was looking for what kind of arduino and led board I need, but i have no clue which specifications I should pay attention on. So my question is, does someone have ideas what kind of arduino and led board I need (and possibly other stuff)? As a budget, i am thinking about around €50.

Thanks in advance.

on a led board (e.g.

From what I see, that works with Bluetooth or USB so there’s no need for an Arduino.

Either way, you need to write a computer program to read the spreadsheet and send-out the data (directly to the display or to the Arduino).

Believe it or not, some versions of Excel have serial comm functions (or at least, they did 15 years ago).

Thanks for your help! I ordered one and when it arrived I will try to work with it