Help on silicon photodiodes

I want to use a silicon photodiode in a research project. Actually i need a photodiode "hydrogenated amorphous silicon (a-Si:H) p-doped/intrinsic/n-doped photodiode" but it's hard to find, so i search for an alternative. The alternative must or should:
1-commercial and cheap
2- Very small surface area (less than 1 mm2)
3-landa max (absorption wave length) near to 470 nm
4- Module is better than phtodiode
5- Senestive
6- with routine voltages (adaptable to UNO)
What are UR suggestions?

My project is related to this article:

From the abstract of the article Its not clear to me whether they have used a customized Diode (the chip itself) or not. Some Integration stuff, ok, but probably an of-the-shelf diode (keep in mind that if not semiconductor specialists or even not engineering they have to use this "hydrogenated amorphous silicon (a-Si:H) p-doped/intrinsic/n-doped photodiode"-wording to appear being cool)...

Anyway: ask the authors what they have used. If a commercial one, you are done.

It's not. It's deposited silicon/H and i want to use a commercial photodiode. Forgot the article.

That description is usually shortened to PIN photodiode, and they are available commercially.

For your purposes, you might consider an avalanche PIN diode (APD), which can be used to detect single photons.

U r right but do u know a tiny pn photodiode?

I think, @jremington provided all required Information to make the next step in your research(!) project on your own.
Btw: there is a counter on the provided link. It just says "one", and that was me. So it appears to me that you have not even taken his reply sufficiantly into account

Really? R they very sensitive? If u have experience, could u suggest my one which is very sensitive and tiny?

The data sheets are available at the link I posted, which you STILL have not bothered to follow.

u suggest my one which is very sensitive and tiny?

If asking meaningless questions on the forum is the best you can do, choose another hobby.

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