Help!! Please!!! :( How to make XBee Water Level Monitoring

I had to do my final project for college, but I do not know what to do, because I was a beginner and I can't work on final project given by the lecturer. so please help me, please help me to complete my final year project .. if I do not finish it, I have to repeat the study next year .. :( :( *help please teach me how to make a water level monitoring that communicate using "XBee S2" and displayed via the VB application .. pleeasee help !!!

sorry 4 my bad english(google translate), Iam indonesian....

Start by deciding how you will measure the water level. There are many ways, and a web search will help.

Second step: learn how to connect an Arduino to the chosen sensor and actually measure the water level.

Third step: learn how to send the data by radio.