HELP! portable programmable medication reminder

hello guys
first of all if im posting on the wrong forum, just kindly move it..
anyway, so we are planning to build a project
here is the link..

itss actually a PIC based project and we wanted to make an Arduino based one!
but hte problem is we are just newbies.
hope some one can help us

we tried incorporating some alarm clock based arduino projects with our project
here;ss one

but we are not sure of what to actually replace and change with the program so hopefully someine can help u here

You will need an Arduino, LCD, Real Time clock RTC, and the time/timealarm/DS1307RTC software from here.
Use Timealarms to set the times you need.

Thank you very much for this sir.
We actually wanted to comeup with this kind of project.

But our main problem is we are trying to incorporate it with an alarm clock, giving us a lot of limitaions when it comes to programming.
We want to use this program with 6 kinds of different medicines, setting two to three alarms at a time.
my question is how are we going to set two or more alarms at different times at the same time?

Look at the Time library and the code samples that come with it.
If you understand the examples then look at the keypad library and it's examples.
In C++ you can compare the current time with time entered in on the key pad and if they are equal you send an output to a pin connected to a piezo speaker.

Of course you need a LCD display to display messages

This will definitely help us alot sir.
We will try to study more and understand this codes :slight_smile:
Thank you very much for this..
Any more suggestions and links and tutorials are very much welcome.

Thank you very much Sir.

I have a question sir
How am i gonna set 2 didderent alarms?
Becuse we need this for our project, example is as follows:
Medicine 1:
00:00 //set the time this medicine is to be taken

Then we have to set 1 more alarm for Medicine 2?:
Medicine 2:
00:00 //set the time this medicine is to be taken

Then to medicine 6
Medicine 6:
00:00 //set the time this medicine is to be taken

we need something like this but we cant figure out how are we going to do this....
thank you guys

LCD_example.pde (1.25 KB)

MotionClock.ino (15.5 KB)

ds1307.pde (1.64 KB)

keywords.txt (704 Bytes)

We've actually used the sketches coming from this links
for the rtc ds1307 we used this:

for the LCD we used

and the whole program was from this

we also want to ask if a 9v battery can run Arduino uno?
thanks a lot

You can use a 9 volt battery however, if you don't use power managment it will not last very long, stick with plug in power using a wall wart.
This project is quite complex to start with.
Make sure you master each section and peripheral, otherwise you will end up with a big mess.
Force yourselves to oranize your code into different sections.
Debug and get each section to work perfectly before you proceed to the next bit of code.
For the six or more alarm times use an array(s) that is large enough to hold the maximum number you expect, i.e. If you know you will have no more than 10 alarms make the array size equal to ten.
I would consider using a format such as unix/epoch time to store each alarm but you can use hh: mm:ss

If we are going to usse a wall wart, the projects concept of being a Portable device would be lessen...
But we will surely consider your ideas Sir..
So you are actually telling me that we can set 6 alarms simultaneously???

Yeah its quite a complicated project to start with considering Arduino was just introduced to us last month :slight_smile:
We are trying our best to study and practice the said compiler. And we are asking for your guidance in doing so :slight_smile:

Sir can you give us a bit of codes on how to set more than 1 alarm???

So you are actually telling me that we can set 6 alarms simultaneously???

If you mean can you set more than one alarm from the keypad then YES you can.

Sir can you give us a bit of codes on how to set more than 1 alarm???

I haven't written this code you are looking for and just have access to an iPad for the next week.

It should be very straight forward.
You would enter an alarm time on the keypad and let's say when you press the * key, the alarm is to be processed.
If you want another alarm, you repeat the above.
You could enter 5#142345* which would set alarm 5 to 14:23:45
You could use an array to hold the alarm times let's call it alarmTime[0], alarmTime[1], alarmTime[2] etc.
If you want to clear an alarm you could enter 5## which would delete alarm 5

Do you understand the concept of using ARRAYs ?

So its more of like using arrays in Visual Basic?
We will try to study this arrays maybe this week Sir..
Thank you very much for your answers, we really do appreciate them :slight_smile:

Hope we can reach to you again anytime :slight_smile:

Sir i just want to ask if its possible to add a GSM shield with the alarm clock project??

My advice would be to keep things simple.
You have a large learning curve to master with your project already.