help regarding interfacing eeprom

hi I am trying to interface my eeprom(atmel at24c32) with my sanguino board.My goal is to write the first 10 analog values produced by my lm35sensor to the eeprom.I surfed and used up the i2c library.The following is the code I am using.

int pin=0;
 #include <Wire.h> //I2C library

  void i2c_eeprom_write_byte( int deviceaddress, unsigned int eeaddress, byte data ) {
    int rdata = data;
    Wire.send((int)(eeaddress >> 8)); // MSB
    Wire.send((int)(eeaddress & 0xFF)); // LSB

  byte i2c_eeprom_read_byte( int deviceaddress, unsigned int eeaddress ) {
    byte rdata = 0xFF;
    Wire.send((int)(eeaddress >> 8)); // MSB
    Wire.send((int)(eeaddress & 0xFF)); // LSB
    if (Wire.available()) rdata = Wire.receive();
    return rdata;

  void setup() 
    //char somedata[] = "this is data from the eeprom"; // data to write
   Wire.begin(); // initialise the connection
   // i2c_eeprom_write_page(0x50, 0, (byte *)somedata, sizeof(somedata)); // write to EEPROM 

    //delay(10); //add a small delay

    //Serial.println("Memory written");

  void loop() 
    int val,i,temp;
    byte b;
    int addr=0;
//    byte b = i2c_eeprom_read_byte(0x50, 0); // access the first address from the memory
      i2c_eeprom_write_byte( 0xa0,addr,temp);
       //increase address
      b = i2c_eeprom_read_byte(0xa1, addr);
     Serial.println(b); //access an address from the memory



But I am not getting any output.please help me with this


Was there a question that you meant to ask? What do you need help with?

actually when i execute the above program am not getting any output..even in the serial monitor(i tried to print the content in the memory).please tell me where I am making mistake.

I am actually using a sanguino board and I am connecting pins 17 and 16 to sda and sclk of the eeprom and the eeprom am using is at24c32a.Please help me on this. I am not at all getting output in the serial monitor.