Help required for robotic TV cabinet

Hi guys, totally new to electronics and have been reading up on arduinos and I'm currently doing a renovation at home which I think could integrate some robotics using a servo and two actuators. Rather than me explaining take a look at the video below:

Basically I'm building a wall outside that'll have a TV mounted to it but I don't like the idea of having the TV out in the open when I'm not home. So I think with the push of an button (Rf remote) the door pushes in about 2 inches using a servo, then the door is lowered using a 20" actuator and then finally a third actuator brings the TV forward. Obviously when the button is pushed again the sequence is reversed. I can't seem to locate any info on the script for actuators used in sequence, only simultaneously.

Am I dreaming here or can this be done? Also components wise I'm thinking of using a a laptop transformer as this will be a permanent fitting, servo running off the arduino and the two actuators running of a motor shield. Is this right? Apologies for having no idea but any help would be awesome. Company's charge thousands for this set-up and if I can build it myself I'd be extremely happy

Three actuators that can lift a flatscreen and a door the same size? I think that is the reason it costs thousands. It probably needs safety features too, so it won’t amputate some kid’s hands.