Help to flash pcb as 3 in 1 out 3d printer

I know nothing, job snow.

I am frankenstein'ing a large format, 3 in 1 out 3d printer.

I'm using a pyramid a1 (300x300x400mm) frame and mechanicals, choice of 2 different pc boards that can handle 3 filament feeders plus dual z axis (6 total drivers). In addition to filament run-out, auto-leveling and power out resume, I wish to add wifi.

I can wire the pcb and mechanicals together, np, open marlin in Arduino, ok,.........l


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We don't know what your main board is or uses as an MCU ?

Nail on the head,.. I've been a res builder all my life.

Choice of two boards with matched displays;

  1. bigtreetech skr v1.2 32bit
  2. rumba
    Driver chips;
  3. drv8825
  4. tmc5160 v1.w
  5. a4988
    V6 Bowden filament feeders x (3)
    Biqu espo1s Wifi module
    Biqu mini upsV2.0 resume print

You will probably get more useful help on the RepRap Forum that is dedicated to 3D printing.


I'll look into that. Ty. Didn't know where to begin, but ty.