Help! University Project, recognising recorded movement through movement sensors

Hi everyone,

A beginner using Arduino, I’m currently working on a project for University.
It’s a project helping visually impaired children to be more motivated with their motor skill development.
The idea I’d like to prototype is to be able to record a movement such as a star jump or simple movements like swinging your arms back, with each specific movement recorded, a sound is set to correspond to it. So that when the movement that was recorded is detected the specific sound set would play.

Example Scenario

  1. Adult records a forward jump movement with a wrist and ankle wearable with movement sensors.
  2. Movement recorded is given a sound and an ID - Move 1.
  3. Child practices forward jump through the adults instructions.
  4. If ID - Move 1 is detected play corresponding sound.

The trouble is that the child would be moving at a much slower pace than the adult recording the movement.
At the moment, I’m trying to see if the data derived from a 3D gyroscope and a 3D Accelerometer, recording the movements at different speeds or by different people could present some similarities in the data recorded and how it can be used. However, I presume this data would have a lot of noise.

If anyone has any suggestions on how I could build this functionality in Arduino, it would be very helpful!

Thanks everyone!

This is a complex task and you will need to try various sensors to see what suits - there Wont be anything off the shelf .
Try have a thing about the data you might collect , data rates and what you might do with such data to identify your movement.
You may find it beyond an Arduino and more suited to a PC .