[Help] Using Arduino to controlling Network Thermal Printer

I got a Thermal Printer (XP-N160II), Ethernet interface. I print a selftest page by holding "Feed" button 2 seconds after power on the device.

Here is the key item was printed: - Version: 2.5AT - Speed: 160mm/s - Interface Ethernet - Ethernet ID: 00-DF-93-66-71-3B - IP Address: - Netmask: - NetGateway: - DHCP: Disable - Default Codepage: Page0 - Chinese Char: Yes

Question: 1) Is it possible using "ENC28J60 Ethernet module" control by Arduino ?? 2) Is it possible using to print an image / logo ? 3) Is it possible print any document (Such as webpage, PDFs, etc) by MacOS?

Thank you.

so it looks like the module posted SHOULD allow communication between the arduino/printer. getting it to print a logo or something should be possible. printing 'any' document is 'possible', but you dont want to go from macos to arduino to printer to do it, not if you can just plug the mac into the printer. the other issue there is that its probably going to be a nightmare with formatting. itll either be super tiny or will take like 4 feet of paper with the image in strips. the short answers to your questions are 'yes' but theres a lot of yak shaving to get there.