Help - What sort of battery do I need for this servo?

Amazon recently accidentally sent me one of these -

I figured I'd hook it up to an arduino with a 9v battery since that's all I had laying around. It did not seem like it was getting the power it needed, I'm guessing it can't supply enough current. My question is, what kind of battery do I need for this type of servo? Where can I learn a little more about powering these beefier devices? Hope this question makes sense. Thanks.

To start with try powering it with a pack of 4 x AA alkaline cells (6v) or 6 x AA NiMh cells (7.2v). Make sure to connect the battery GND to the Arduino GND.

A small 9v PP3 style smoke-alarm battery cannot provide enough current. It's not really suitable even to power an Arduino for more than few minutes.


No, this is a serious beast (6Nm of torque!), it requires a substantial current (probably over 10A).

2S LiPo pack is mandatory.