Servo Alimentation

Hi, i am making a project when there are 2 servoes and a IMU Sensor, i connected both alimentation tothe arduino's 5v, but somethimes the servoes aren't accurates and they are not pointing at the correct angle. What should i do?

Can i resolve powering the servoes with an external power like a 9v battery with an IC7805 to correct the voltage?

No, try four AAs instead.

you should not power Servos through the board. They usually require lots of current which your board will be challenged to provide.

a 9V battery (if it's the common "smoke detector" type) is useless for motors. Not enough power. A pack with Lithium battery would be fine (or AA batteries)

so i have to connect 2 AA batteries directly to servo motors or arduino?

an alcaline AA battery is only 1.5V so if you have only 2 it won't be enough ➜ Get 4.
GND needs to be connected

Ok, Can i use a 9v battery to power the arduino and 4 AA batteries to power the 2 servoes, but wich case should i use(i need the dimension of it as similar to a 9v battery because i have not enought space in the frame to use the classic one)?

Why are you so obsessed with 9V smoke alarm batteries?

You'll just burn the excess in the regulator.

i am not obsessed by the excess power, the problem is that i my frame i have not enought space to put a lot of things, the 9v battery is the perfect size.

That's good, because there isn't any.
Three AAAs would be more sensible than a smoke alarm battery.

if you want that form factor, you could get a rechargeable Lithium "9V" battery (They are the same size but actually not 9V but more 8.4 at full charge since they embed 2 Lithium cells)

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i have bought a pack of 4 AAA batteries and now i should power the servoes directly with the AAA batteries and not from the arduinoes 5V?

you should indeed power the Servos separately, just ensure you provide the right voltage and join ground.

can i power both arduino and the servoes with the pack of AAA batteries?

As long as the Servos don't draw more current than the AAA can provide and some is still left to power the arduino without hiccups on the voltage, then yes, you can power them in parallel. Adding a decoupling capacitor could prove useful. (of course power the Servos and Arduino at the right voltage)

I have 2 servoes that work at the same time for about 4 seconds, then they stop moving.

i think that they wont need more current that the batteries can provide.

I am gonna add also a capacitor to the board. Thank you.

6V is too high for the 5V circuit. 6V is in principle too low for the Vin pin; it meets the absolute minimum spec.

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