Help with a university honors project

Hello everyone. I am new. I am so new you can smell my newness. Yes, even through the internet. I’m new to Arduino, coding and electronics so please bear with me if I ask the occasional stupid question.

Now that I’ve got that out of the way, I have this idea for my major project at uni this year. I want to do this and make a wireless motion sensor which I want to then use to interact with an animated character on the computer. But first I need to learn how to do this The person in the video has provided the code online but I can only find the Flash code not the Arduino one. Also, he assumes that everyone knows how to wire this thing together. I’ve got an Arduino Uno and this MMA7260 accelerometer module

I’ve been looking for tutorials on how to interface this module with the Arduino but I’ve just been getting instructions for Sparkfun’s MMA7260 breakout board.

So here are my questions:

How can I connect the module to the Arduino?
Can someone help me with the code?
Am I stupid for even trying this project? (I do have till the end of this year to finish. That should make it easier on me, right?..)

I need to get atleast the Arduino and the accelerometer working together properly by the end of May.


Googling "MMA7260Q arduino" found me a mountain of stuff. Have you tried that?

The breakout board is not adding a lot of functionality to the module. It is only making it convenient to wire up. If you've just bought the bare module, then you have some SMC work to do. Since you say you're new to electronics, why not save yourself some trouble and just get the Sparkfun board?

The Sparkfun board will take two weeks to get here and I don't have that much time :( What do you mean by SMC work? I there no other way to wire this thing up?

They sell accelerometers at Radio Shack if you're in the U.S. Expensive, but quick.

I live in New Zealand. That's why it'll take two weeks to get here. There's a dealer here who's linked with Sparkfun where I got all my other gear. But because they don't have it in stock, it'll take ages to get here.

BOOM updated profile info. Thanks for reminding me about that KE7GKP. I've been in a bit of panic with this assignment, running around like a headless chicken. So I forgot to do sensible and normal things like that. Anyway, I've got some good news, I've managed to wire it up after several tries. I've connected it to the 3.3 volt output on my Arduino just to stay on the safe side. I'm hoping to eventually connect this setup to Flash but for now I'm happy with just getting the accelerometer and Arduino working together. Here's a video of it:

The monitor is a Flash programme and I've got it reading the analog pins through serproxy. You'll also probably notice in the video that the accelerometer module is too big for my breadboard. Don't know if this will cause any problems later on, but for now I'm just glad it's working. I'm also going to try your suggestions and the link you gave me KE7GKP. Thanks heaps!

Hey this is the next stage of my project. I want to get my Arduino & accelerometer rig to play an animation in Flash. I've connected Arduino to Flash using serproxy and I've got a simple ball bouncing animation. I just need help coding it in Actionscript 3 to read the values coming in from analog ports 0 (x),1(y) & 2(z) and trigger the animation to play. Any help would be much appreciated.

So I've coded in Actionscript3 to read the analog values coming in from the Arduino. It's working really well and I'm able to get the values traced in the output panel and it's picking up the changes when I move the Arduino + accelerometer rig. But I just can't seem to get it to play the animation. I tried and tried but nothing seems to work. Can anyone help me please?

Hey all, I was wondering if any of you know anyone in Wellington, NZ who could help my team mate and I on this project. We essentially need someone to partner with us and take care of the techie stuff so that we can work on developing the conceptual side of the project. We need someone with knowledge of Flash and Arduino. If you can help, please message me and I'll get in touch with you about what we're doing. :) Thanks heaps!

Will they get a degree too?

lol did they spend 4 years in a dungeon like computer lab? no, they won't get a degree, but we're hoping to get this product backed by investors so that it becomes a reality, so they could be part of something awesome! we would pay them if we could but we're poor and have student loans, but we can pay with home cooking and delicious baked goods! :D

we would pay them if we could but we're poor and have student loans, but we can pay with home cooking and delicious baked

A 10% equity share in the future company could work. Shall I have my lawyer draw up the papers and contact you?


um....are you joking?! you're in the US! and we don't have the time or the nerves to deal with lawyers right now! lol

I think you're missing the subtle message behind what Lefty and I have said..... Out of interest what is your degree going to be in once complete?

We're both design students majoring in animation. We're creatives, not engineers. So our tutor has suggested we find someone to help us with the Arduino component of the project so that we can focus on designing the visual elements which actually pertains to our degree. So there's no need for the smart arse comments. If you can't help, a simple "No, sorry." would suffice.

Well obviously if it took off we would not go without rewarding the person with money or shares in the company, but right now we're looking for someone here who we can meet up with on a daily basis and tinker with stuff to get it working. I'm primarily in charge of the tech side of the project because earlier this year i experimented with Arduino, an accelerometer and Flash for another project with a bit of success. Our main goal right now is not so much to make this into business, but to finish it in time for our end of year showcase. Sorry about the rage, I'm just stressed.

*weekly basis not daily basis

This might be better placed in the gigs section of the forum. You'll probably get a better response there.

didnt realise there was a section like that. thanks :)