Help with Can Bus - Simulate speed and RPM

I have a device that can be hooked to cars and expect speed and rpm signal over the CAN-BUS
And since my car works on ISO9141 the device will not work on it
So i want to make an Arduino sketch that can send speed signal and RPM signal so that the device start working
The problem is i don't know which CAN-id to send on.
I know that speed and RPM are on the same can frame
And is there different CAN-id for speed and RPM depending on the car or all cars using can-bus are using the same Arbitration ID
I found on the net that the id is 0x7E8 but don't know where the rpm and speed should be on data byte
Does anyone know if ID is standard across all can-bus cars ?
And please tell me the correct way to send this speed and rpm data packet
If someone has a working example that will be great

I don't know the answer but it seems you need the help of someone who is familiar with CAN BUS so I suggest you mention that in your Title. You can change the Title if you modify your Original Post.

Something like this might be appropriate "Help with CAN BUS problem - how to simulate speed and RPM"


Ok Robin2 i edited the title
I hope someone helps

you might want to look at this page for more information

there are also libraries out there to request the PIDs e.g

hope that helps.....