Help with controlling a Linear Actuator. Photos of "new old parts i have inside.


I’m new to all this but in the past I purchased the parts to control a garage door from a iphone by following the instructions at this site. - iPhone Garage Door Opener - Parts but never got around to actually completing it.

Now I would like to control a actuator just a simple open and close.

The parts i have are
Arduino Ethernet with USB to serial adapter
DfRobot Relay Shield with 4 relays

12v linear actuator listed here

And a DC motor controller with remote

With the parts I have, how would I wire it up to be able to have the actuator open and close?

Thanks in advance,

Well that project references using an existing automated door.

What door is it you are opening with a 12 inch throw actuator? Certainly not an 'up and over' door.

I want to open a small door on a shed for ducks to get out.

Ah ok. You have a remote control and controller there which will open/close the actuator on it's own without the need for the Arduino or Relay shield if just open/close you want. Or are you meaning you want Ethernet control?

Yes i would like to control it from a android phone or webpage and later adding the possibility of having it on a timer.

If you are going to open a hinged door with that 12 inch actuator there is a relationship over its throw to hinge centreline and actuator pivot point.

To use full throw (less a small amount to apply pressure when open/closed) the 2 figures have to add up to the throw. Say 11.75 inch to allow for close pressure.

Although you can use less of the throw if the figures are much less.

I would start with the controller wired up correctly and get it working first then look at adding the net part.

It should be evident from the pics how to connect the motor. It already has built in limit switch according to the blurb. Just needs an extended point limit switch

I have a shorter one as well. The listing says they have internal limit switches so when its mounted it should work fine.

I just need help with the wiring of the components.

Is this door attached to a building with Ethernet wiring?

If it's remote but has power, then consider WiFi using a NodeMCU and relay board.

Your main problem is the remote controller has no seperate inputs for control. That's why the original article refers to an existing automation system.

It's doable without the controller but I suspect you are not comfortable accessing the pushbutton pins under the cover.

It has one internal limit switch for fully retracted but I would consider that a 'back up' and use an independent switch actuating just before full retraction.

Wiring the actuator is two wires to the motor input on the controller. You need a 5amp 12v supply for safety excess capacity as the motor is 3 amp rated. This goes to the power in on the right of the terminal block.
At this point you have a working actuator using remote or the built in touchbuttons on the controller.

I would do the physical installation and wiring to get it working then come back regarding the net connection.

The shed is remote but right up to a house. I can get it power and it will reach wifi. I also have a small nano router I can use in client mode to get wifi.

I am comfortable with opening the controller and soldering as well. Your referring to the controller that came with the remote correct?

Also, if I give the Arduino a 12v power supply at 2 amps, will this be enough to drive the actuator?

Thanks for your help with this...

Ah if you are happy soldering to the pushbuttons then that opens up the project.

The actuaror is 3 amp rated but for safety I would use a 5 amp supply. Even something ;ile a CB power supply would do.

I already had this hooked up the the controller with the remote. All is functioning fine.

I now want to connect it to the Arduino and the Relay Shield.

I will find a 12v 5 amp power supply.

I was going to follow these instructions to get a idea for wiring it up.

If you bring the open close pushbuttons out on wires then they wire to the two relays on the board. Then the rest of the project is as per the instructions. The software is there and just needs your credentials entering.

Is the app still on the itunes store though?

The software will have to be rewritten as im on android now and will just need a simple web page with open close.
I will attach wires to the controller buttons tonight and connect it to the relays.

I will post back once done.

Thank you again for the help.

You can use Sinric or Thunkables to do it on Android.