Help with LeoJoy code

I tried to compile the LeoJoy sample code but I got this error message:

'dataForController_t' does not name a type

in the orange area of the Arduino program window and many error messages in the black area of the Arduino program window. How can I fix the problem? I wish to use Arduino Leo board as a joystick when plugged into my desktop computer. Also, I think that the Processing editor/compiler doesn't support 64-bit serial. I have Windows 7 Home Edition 64-bit.

First: you didn't provide a link to the external code you're using.

Second: you didn't post the complete error message.

Third: Did you install the LeoJoy IDE extension as instructed? Did you change the board type?

I need better instructions on using LeoJoy.

You didn't change any of the three things you failed in the first post. Do you really expect us to help you if you continue to be uncooperative?

Which file should I download from which website?

The error messages are in the screenshot.

I didn’t know how to install the LeoJoy IDE extension.
I changed the board type to Leonardo.

Which file should I download from which website?

On this page you'll find a Windows-Installer. I don't have Windows but I'd guess it will setup your computer with all necessary modules.

I changed the board type to Leonardo.

After you installed the new modules you should be able to select LeoJoy as the new board type. When you've done that you should try compiling again.

Do I have to upload code that turns a Leonardo board into a LeoJoy board? If so, how can I do that?

I haven't studied the code in detail but from what I saw already I guess that the developers changed the base libraries of the Leonardo to include the new functionality. You don't have to upload a new bootloader, you get the support by uploading any new sketch compiled with the new board selected.

I think that I got the Leonardo board working as LeoJoy board but I didn't connect any pots to the board yet. I connected pins D2-D12 and A0-A5 to ground and the buttons lighted up in the Game Controller Properties window.

The pots don't work. I connected them to 5V, ground, and A0-A5 pins. Nothing happens when I turn the knob on the pot.

Have you changed these lines in the example code? (Remove the "128; //")

  // Set the analog sticks
  //  Since analogRead(pin) returns a 10 bit value,
  //  we need to perform a bit shift operation to
  //  lose the 2 least significant bits and get an
  //  8 bit number that we can use  
  controllerData.leftStickX = 128;// analogRead(A0) >> 2;
  controllerData.leftStickY = 128;//analogRead(A1) >> 2;
  controllerData.rightStickX = 128;//analogRead(A2) >> 2;
  controllerData.rightStickY = 128;//analogRead(A3) >> 2;

Thank you very much for helping me.