Help with multiple plots on serial plotter

Hello all, I am doing a project with arduino due and a lidar sensor. the point is to collect data in 6 different sections within different angle ranges; however, nothing is printing in my serial plotter and idk what else to do. please help!!

Lidar_Circlej.ino (11.2 KB)

Whenever you want to print a variable out and have it labeled in the plotter, you must separate the variable name and its value with a colon Serial.print(":"). Then new values to be plotted should be separated from others with a new line. The most obvious issue seems to be that you're not separating what (I'm guessing) are the labels of your data and the actual data:

// Line 152 of your code
  Serial.print("RR"); Serial.print(distance); Serial.print(angle); Serial.print(" ");

See how you're printing "RR" and the distance (a float) right next to each other? In the Serial console you should see RR[float value distance], which isn't a number (and thus can't be printed on the serial console).

thank you for replying! so i should just print a colon in between the name and distance for each of the six sections? last night i got the serial plotter working but it was printing out data of all six sections on one line when i would like each section to have its individual plot on the same graph, do you know if that is possible?

Yes. Try separating the label and its value with a colon, and then going to a new line for a new label/value pair:

Serial.print("Label: ");
Serial.print("Label2: ");

im confused though because im not printing out just a value i want to print out angle vs distance for each one

Oh! So you want completely separate graphs? Arduino plotter can't do that; it can only have one graph with multiple lines.

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