Plot arduino serial data in real time

I have my arduino print out parameters like this:

parameter a:
parameter b:
parameter c 6764.234

I tried the arduino plotter, but all these parameters are plotted in the same chart, so the fluctuation of the small number can not be resolved.

Is there any handy tool that can plot these parameters in seperate chart?


Do you send the three values on one line, separated by commas or spaces?

The format is as shown above. The name of the parameter and then the value and then the next prameter and so on. Some of the parameters, however have the name and the value together in the same line without any thing in between, seperating them.

Each newline forces the next value to go into the first channel. That's why you have the same scaling of a single curve for all values.

Thanks. Do I have to modify the output of the sketch? Or I need a good serial plotter program on my pc?

Send the values on a single line. Send additional text as you like.

With 2 values it is simple you just make one negative and graphs should be distinguishable, with 3, you can try giving them different offsets maybe