(Help With RF) What is an address and how do i find one when transmitting or receiving radio frequency?

Hi guys, I’m currently trying to transmit a radio message over on the 433 frequency band using the nRF905 radio transceiver and the nRF905 radio library and I’m wondering what a address is, I’ve seen lots of peoples code and they all include a address of their receiver that looks something like this “0xE7E7E7E7”. What is an address and how do I find the address of my receiver? Thanks. Let me know if you need anymore info

I think you are confused. The text of the message has the address, not the receiver. The program in the receiver is looking for that data in a message from a transmitter. If the data in a message is not the correct code, then that message is ignored.
The program in the transmitter must include that code in the message it is sending.

The address it PART of the message text.
Hexadecimal is a way for humans to visualize binary data. You can serial.print() the data as HEX or DECIMAL or BINARY or OCTAL as you wish. Look at the documentation for the serial.print() function.

You might want to study the datasheet for the nRF905, it makes clear that a packet is;


Details on setting the address and its length are in the documentation for the nrF905 library.

Note that a lot of modern remote controls use a 'rolling code' which is specifically designed to prevent simple cloning.

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