Help with servo and coin acceptor

hello there ...
hope you all doin good,

i wanna build a home vending machine, i saw this youtube
(( How to Make Cola Vending Machine at Home - DIY - YouTube ))

i think i got all the stuff i need for this project
1- Uno r3
2- Servo motor MG 996R
3- Coin Acceptor
4- LCD Screen
5- 9V Battery
6- 12V power supply
7- Cooling system kit

plus i have a keypad for another project ( vending machine with multi choices )

i got the Uno R3 connected with my Mac and i have some general Info about it
no where near expert :smile: ,

as i was saying got my Uno connected with my Mac and i got the Servo ready for use

Red wire into 5V pin
Brown wire to GRND
Yellow wire to Pin#9

got the regular servo code
and everything working fine

so now i want the coin acceptor to trigger the servo and make it rotate

just like the youtube video ....

thank you .

I'm not going to sit and watch ten minutes of video - summarise it for me.

Pleast make a drawing of the wiring and post it. That 9 volt battery makes me worried......
Also, please post links or data for servo, power supply.....

Well, it may be a good thing, at this point, that you sought direction. You'll NOT want to power the servo from the Uno's 5V. Nor do you want to power the project with one of those square 9V batteries.

For power, I suggest you get a good quality 7.5 or 9V wall wart. I'd look for a wall wart that can run a RPI3b+ or RPi4. Wall warts that can run an RPI are generally of good quality.

The you'd want to get a 5V regulator and make 5V, filtered, for the servo motor and, also, send the wall wart power to the Uno.

Of course there are other options of powering the Uno and the servo that several others may recommend. The important thing will be to work out a powering solution before going to the next step.

Oh, and I did not watch the video.

You have a 12V power supply and a 9V battery and it's not at all clear what you're doing with them. And you're trying to run an MG996R servo from an Arduino 5V pin and we all know that's wrong. I wouldn't be surprised if you're even trying to connect the servo via a breadboard.

We really need a schematic and some clear pictures of YOUR system not a long-winded video of someone else's system.


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