Help with water meter?

Hello, any ideas how I could read this meter? I'm a software engineer but I haven't done anything with Arduino so I'm really noob at this stuff.

Not sure if there is some kind of pulse that I could read or could I do something with the red "pointer" in the rounder thing,

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Has anyone ever come to you with a request for a computer program to read the clock back at their house and that is all the information they gave you? That is the same as you just posted.

Surely you have some research on what the meter does and how it operates. You have nor even given a manufacturer name or anything. Can't you use your engineering ability to find a little more information?


There is a way to use sensors to read each passing of the red needle
there are different devices that manufactures sell for this. if the manufacturer of this meter offers one, that might make your life simpler.

if you want to try with some reflective IR sensors or such, you may be able to roll-your-own

Itron hasn't answered to my question about the manual and the only one I found was in Polish. I thinks I could try to do something with the IR sensor. I just found this page that might help me with this problem.

Thanks for the replies!

Camera + image processing + RPi - Arduino.

Does the meter have any wires connected to it? - Scotty

Got the manual from the manufacturer and it doesn't have any pulses outgoing or anything like that. I think I just have to test with the TCRT5000 module and maybe later try with the Camera + image processing combination