hf receiver compatible with arduino uno

Hello I need a receiver that work in the frequency range 10 to 20 mhz and compatible with arduino can you help me if some bady know a useful receiver

What is it for ? Audio, HAM radio, digital ?

The Si4735 chip is for audio. http://www.silabs.com/products/audiovideo/amfmreceivers/Pages/si473435.aspx It is only AM in the SW range and not sensitive like very good radios. But since 10-20MHz is a small range, you could make your own antanne pre-amplifier. Do you want FM and SSB too in that range ? That is not possible I think.

I want to make an rfid reader with variable frequency so think to use arduino with the dds - 60 to generate the signal then i use an antenna to send the signal also i want to receive the signal from the tag so i need a receiver that accept the frequency range (between 10 and 20 mhz )

This is a receiver, http://playground.arduino.cc/Main/DIYRFIDReader
The radio chip Si4735 can not handle the FSK.

Why Not? if your detection window is narrow enough it is OOK signalling… on two different frequencies… and one is the mirror of the other, This holds true for audio as well as RF and worked well for me at audio… From the sync signal (start bit) a timer was started and if no signals of a specific period were detected it was considered a space and the timer is still running marking the next bit period when in a bit frame 3 pulses of the same period were detected of ten possible the window was a mark pulse. the two tones were 500 and 600 Hz and I detected the 500 Hz tome as mark and disregarded the space entirely. the low frequencies involved were necessitated by the low current design requirements. 400 Khz was the clock for a PIC16C711 and a 10^-5 BER @ 10 mV clean recovered audio. And was a thermally compensated solar charger for a gel cell, Id field programmable with a jumper and 2 binary rotary switches…