Choosing a good 433mhz receiver

Getting ready to start working with 433mhz sensors.
I just ordered probably the cheapest Chinese 433mhz receivers available from Amazon. Made by WayInTop, with what looks like an adjustable cap in middle of board. This will do for a short time, but I'm interested in a bit better receiver. Could one or more of ya recommend a couple of better receivers and associated libraries for the Arduino please.

Thanks Al

The superheterodyne receivers are more sensitive, and much more selective.


Do you know if this receiver can be used to decode/receive Acurite signals?


Yes, at least for some Acurite sensors, if the signals are transmitted on the 434 MHz band.

Ok, I received the new superhet today and got it all hooked up.
The noise seems to be just as bad as that $1 receiver, plus the arduino is not decoding anything.
The cheep Rx at least occasionally would detect sync.
So ... now I gotta decide if in fact I got a good receiver, and if so start digging in and see if I can get it going. Else order another Rx. Thoughts comments?

Oh yea, what's you recommended library for this receiver.


Of course it is. When not locked onto a suitable signal, those modules all generate white noise.

Suspect the rest of your setup, and verify all other parts of the operation, before you blame the new part.

I also recommend a superheterodyne type of receiver, even it may be more expensive. The only problem I encountered that some 433MHz keyfobs may issue signals that slightly deviate from 433,92MHz and suppressed by the narrow band window of such receivers. But that's being rather a keyfob's problem, not receiver's. You can have a look at some of my projects where such superheterodyne modules are used.