HID USB barcode scanner with Arduino Uno board

Dear Sir,

My project -I have to get barcode data from the HID USB type barcode scanner, I have to send the same to PC via ethernet port. In PC I have to store this data and make some checkings. If found ok, via ethernet I have to enable one digital output.

I am having UNO board + enc28j60 ethernet module and I'm new to arduino also.

Please guide me to complete my project. How to interface scanner with my UNO board to get data?

Is this a commercial product?

I have to get barcode data

What sort of barcode data
What items.
Which format bar codes.

HID USB type barcode scanner

if its a USB scanner that expects to be plugged into a PC as a USB host, you can't do this on the Uno, it doesn't support USB host.

You'd need to use a scanner with an RS232 output, or get a USB Host shield, or use a Due

Basically forget using an Arduino for this if you have to use a USB HID scanner.

Go and buy a Raspberry PI

My project -I have to get barcode data from the HID USB type barcode scanner,

What the previous poster said and also, if you MUST interface an UNO to an HID scanner. even if you bought a HOST USB shield, you still would not be able to load the driver for the USB scanner. I don't think your project is doable with the hardware you have specified unless you can write your own driver which, since you are new to programming , it would seem is not likely. There is a possibility that you could use a HOST USB shield.
Read some tutorials about using HID devices with an arduino :



Thanks for all of your suggestion. If I choose Arduino Yun, is it solve my issues? I think it has both ethernet shield as well as USB host.

This is for industrial use. I have to scan one dimentional barcode data(Scanner is Motorola symbol USB scanner).

Before this we have done the same work for a single machine. In that we used serial communication. But once they connect the scanner with PC, it automatically switches to HID USB mode. Then to interface with the device, they have to re-configure the scanner. Now, we wish to avoid all these.

Expecting suggestions on my project.

Thanks in advance.

As this is a commercial industrial product ,

Are you intending to release your source code back to the forum.?

I'm not sure how much more information you are likely to get on a hobbyist forum, for development of a closed source industrial product