High CPU and memory consumption

When writing the program,I found that Arduino ide occupies a high CPU and consumes a large amount of memory in the process of writing the program text. The project is relatively simple, with only three files and hundreds of lines of code.

Well I'd be happy that the app I'm using is getting that much, 29.3%, attention from the CPU.
What is the other 70.7% doing? (Nothing??)

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Just use a faster CPU with more cores and that number will go down giving you more processor power to do nothing. Just a SWAG, by using more resources it responds faster saving you time.

The number does not go down with faster computer!
I have a fast machine and CPU utilisation reaches 100% and clock speed increases to 130% and the ventilators blow like hell.
Restarting the ide solves the issue for a while (until the next compile and load)