High quality gas sensors: Alphasense & DD Scientific

Hi there,
I wondered if any of you has ever tried to connect those kind of high quality electrochemical sensors to an Arduino. Alphasense offers an analog amplifier board or its sensors, but quality has a price, for instance: the Alphasense CO B4 (carbon monoxyde sensor) + its individual sensor boad (ISB) approaches 300€ (shipped). Alternatively, I was thinking to experiment with a DD Scientific (UK based too) sensor, and implant his analog amplifying circuit on a breadboard (here for 3 leads):

... but will search among Chinese retail websites before.
There is another avenue: the e-chem sensor prototyping board by Shaun Houlihan, see there:

Has any of you tried this ?
Best wishes & Season Greatings !

Analog Device's EVAL-CN0396-ARDZ development board can also help for Alphasense COH-A2 or SOH-A2 or DD Scientific GS+4DT sensors: