Highligth current line Arduino IDE.

Is it possible to highligth current line Arduino IDE, to better understand where is the cursor?
See an example in MATLAB environment.

I did not see anything in preferences that would highlight the line or make the blinking cursor larger. I guess you could use an external editor that has that capability though

Open {Arduino IDE installation folder}/lib/theme/theme.txt in a text editor.
Change line 67 from:




Save the file
Restart the Arduino IDE if it's running so that your changes to the theme will take effect.

You can also change the color of the line highlight via editor.linehighlight.color

Just to complete this answer for the Mac users:

In Finder, right-click the Arduino Application and choose "Show Package Contents"

Then navigate to Contents/Java/lib/ to find the themes.txt file.

There's a nifty new feature with recent versions of the Arduino IDE where you can copy the themes folder to your sketchbook folder (File > Preferences > Sketchbook location). That way, your custom theme will persist through installing new versions of the Arduino IDE.