Hire coder for my project?


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I forgot to add that I mave a Mac as well, and I would like to know if it is possible to send some of the information from it to the display I am making as well. The info I want to display from my Mac is the network speed, the RAM % used, and the CPU % used. Nothing else.
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I would like to hire someone to write the code for my project. Below is an excerpt from and the link to my post over in Using Arduino-->Project Guidance section of the forums;

"Here is what I'm trying to do;
I am attempting to make what I can best describe as a multi function data display for my computer and if it is possible, to display the same data from at least one more computer as well. If that is not possible then I would be fine with the information that is displayed to be from only one of my computers.

I've already gathered the following components, x1 Nextion LCD touchscreen, x1 WeMos D1 mini, x2 0.92 inch LCDs, x1 On/Off button, x4 3mm red LEDs, x1 3mm green LED, x1 5mm red blinking LED.

(The green LED is simply for showing that the power is on, nothing more).

What I would like this to do is have each of the four 3mm red LEDs turn on seperately when a certain event is triggered, i.e. a specific program receives a notification or the temp or one of the speeds above a preset threshold, etc. and on the main LCD (the Nextion touchscreen), I would like to be able to dismiss these notifications that come up and view certain things about my computers such as temp, fan speed, cpu speed, network activity, etc. by having one screen for each of them. I would also like to be able to switch what is displayed in the two small LCD screens (temp, cpu speed, network speed, etc.) so that if I need to monitor a specific thing I can and then switch it back to the info that I had it at previously.

Please let me know which board is the best to use, an arduino nano/mega/yun etc."

For more information and details on my project, here is the link to my original post:

Thank you for your time,

What’s the budget?

This looks like a fun project.

Based from your previous post, I think the hardest part is getting the sensor information (from the PCs) to the Nextion display. I have yet to find a Windows utility that can stream this information to the network. I know GPUZ/CPUZ can get these data but only display them locally on the PC. You either have to write a small utility/program to get these data and stream it over the network.

Someone talks about using this

Once the data is available and accessible from the network, it becomes easy to display that in the LCD.

The other option is getting the data directly from the motherboard using SMBus (which I believe is a variation of I2C). An Arduino Nano with WiFi can retrieve this data and send it over to the Nextion.

I don't think the Arduino is the best choice for this.

I would use a solution for remote monitoring and install the agents on each computer you want to monitor and install the server on a RPi and if configure a screen to match your needs. many solutions have command line tools so you can script what you want to extract.

if you really want an Arduino in the solution, then have the RPi discuss with the Arduino, sending over serial the information you want to show on the Nextion screen... but seems far fetched.

I’m not an expert, but I will give my 2 cents…

From what I know about Nextion displays, you can send to it serial data directly from your computer if all the data to send is on it, you need an USB-Serial converter like this FTDI232 o something similar compatible with your MAC (I do not know anything about MACs), The big challenge is to collect the data in your system.

Sending data to Nextion displays without using libraries is a matter of send/print to the serial port connected to the display a sequence like this:


in your Computer, you need to create a program in a suited language that takes your data in your system and send it to the serial port formatted like the example. you can send numerical values with “.val” (nextion displays only accept integers) or you can send strings to a text/textbox and in this case, you need to change the format to someting similar to this:

DATA1 <–this is a value formatted to a string, in this case, you can use a pseudo floating system.

these 0xFF are necessary, they are the end of command for the nextion display

it is useful to add a little delay at the end of the 0xFF of almost 30ms to let the display process the command received.

good luck!