HM-10 sending but not receiving.


After finally 2 weeks I managed to get some progress with my HM-10 C2541 module.

  1. I followed first this tutorial.

Not all AT commands are working. But I managed to get “OK” when I write AT in the Arduino Serial Monitor and I managed to change the name to BLExAR instead of HMsoft.

2.I followed this tutorial and installed the sketch

#include <SoftwareSerial.h>

SoftwareSerial BTSerial(11, 10);

void setup() {
Serial.println(“AT commands : OKAY”);

void loop() {




With this I can send text from Arduino Serial Monitor to my BLExAR app, but the problem is that I cannot send from my BLExAR to my Arduino Serial Monitor.

What should be the problem?

What should be the problem?

What COULD be the problem is the app that is trying to send data TO the Arduino.

Hello PaulS,

It seems that BLExAR app is the problem.
After your comment I tried another tutorial where BLE scan is mentioned.

With this tutorial I can communicate between BLE Scan and Serial Monitor.

It's a pitty...BLExAr was €4.99 and BLEscan free