Home automation with Arduino nano and Raspberry Pi


I'm really new in using the Arduino, I like to automate my home with it.

My idea is to put an Arduino nano in every room with DHT22 Sensors and RF Sender/Receiver to control lights, window contacts and such stuff.

A Raspberry Pi collects the data and show it on a webpage.

So myquestion is, how can the Arduino communicate wireless with the Rasperry?
I've read about people who connects via Bluetooth but I think there will be a problem with the range.

Is there way to communicate via WiFi or similar things?

My actual test setup is an Arduino nano connected to the Raspberry with an USB-cable and it communicates with Pimatic Homediuino.

Thank you :slight_smile:

The most popular way to do WiFi with Arduino is the ESP8266. You could use an ESP8266 module as a WiFi adapter for the Nano but you also might consider using an ESP8266 programmed directly by the Arduino IDE with the ESP8266 core for Arduino:

instead of the nano. You can get some standalone ESP8266 boards for this usage, my favorite is the WeMos D1 Mini. There are some differences from the Nano so you may run into some difficulties in programming the ESP8266 but you also may run into difficulties interfacing the Nano with the ESP8266 so it’s hard to say which choice is best. You may find that some Arduino libraries are specifically written for the AVR microcontrollers such as what’s used on the Nano and are not compatible with ESP8266 so you might want to check that ESP8266 compatible versions are available.

Why use a Pi at all.

Just use wifi on arduino and update the webpage/database directly.

This is what I did here: http://elrobot.top/SolarGuests.php

H there, I am pretty much doing the same thing myself except in an off grid van using mostly 12 volts.