Horizontal scroll error in Arduino IDE

There is a horizontal scroll error in the Arduino IDE.

When you scroll right and then back left, your code will stick to the left side of the IDE frame and won't return to it's original position.
This makes some symbols difficult to read.

I'm using the Windows 1.0.5 version on a Win7x64
Not sure if this problem is also in the Mac and Linux versions?

I’m also using 1.0.5 on Win7x64 (Ultimate) and I don’t have a problem with horizontal scrolling.

Hi KirAsh4,

So when you scroll, the space between your code and the frame stays the same?

Here is an example of what i mean, the left line being the IDE frame:

Before scrolling:

|  #define dim_interval 100
|  #define syncIntVal 1200
|  void setup()  {
|  }

After scrolling:

|#define dim_interval 100
|#define syncIntVal 1200
|void setup()  {

My apologize, I misread your original message. I thought you were having refresh issues with the window not scrolling back.

You are correct, I too see that it sticks to the edge after scrolling back.