Arduino window flickering and not re-drawing properly

I just downloaded Arduino 0022 on my Windows XP machine (this is the first time I've had Arduino on this machine) and the Arduino IDE window is behaving very strangely: When scrolling through code, the window flickers like crazy, and when I try to resize the window, it doesn't redraw properly. Everything else seems to work fine (I can develop code and write to my Mega 2560).

Anyone else seen anything like this, or know what might be wrong? I'm currently downloading version 0021 to see if that has the problem also.


Arduino 0021 has the same problem.

Also, I'm running Windows XP in a Virtual Machine in VMware Workstation, which is running in Ubuntu 10.04 LTS. I'm guessing it's a problem with the video driver, although I haven't had any issues with any other software.