How big is this EEPROM

I need to store around 120 kilobytes of information in an EEPROM. I don't want to use an SD card.

I found this chip online, and purchased it:

It says 128K, but I think i'm reading it wrong. Can someone please help me in understanding how to work out sizes of EEPROMs and any suggestions on storing data other than on an SD card.



It clearly states in the data sheet that the device is a 128 kilobit device, or 16 kilobyte. It's on the first page.

Are you referring to this?

16K x 8 (128K bit)


Thank you for your help.

I'm sure for a lot of people 16K x 8 (128K bit) is clearly labeled, but for me it wasn't too clear.

Thank you for letting me know the size.


Could anyone recommend a chip that could hold at least 150 kilobytes of data?

I've heard of flash chips, but I've never really seen them.



May I suggest the 23LCV1024 SRAM chip. 128K [u]bytes[/u]. SPI interface, so its fast. With the addition of a 3V button cell it can be non-volatile (OK, semi non-volatile). Unlimited writes. Available in through hole 8 pin DIP. You can have as many as you need on the SPI bus (each would need a chip select).

Depends on how long you have to write the data and how long you want to retain it. I'd recommend an SD card because they're cheap and easy to interface, but you seem to have an aversion.

Thanks, Guys,

I will take both your ideas under consideration. Have a great weekend.