How can I do reverse hashing?


I don’t know if it’s the correct term, but I wanted to know if getting the reverse value from a HashMap was possible. What I mean by that is:

I have a HashMap table like this:

HashType<char,int> hashRawArray[HASH_SIZE];
HashMap<char,int> hashMap = HashMap<char,int>( hashRawArray , HASH_SIZE );


So if I write:


I get the corresponding value. What I want to do is to get the letter ‘A’ from the value B10110000. So in reverse order. Is it possible to do so?

Sorry, I’m quite new to this.

Yes, but it generally means iterating through the map, to find the matching entry, then returning its index.

Ray L.

this might be a starting point -

I will look into the link, and I also found a getIndexof command, which might be what I was asking about.

Thank you very much for the helps!