How can I make a disco light?

Hi everyone,

Ive got a couple of Leds and a DIY strobe light. I kind of that this isnt enough. I also bought some little mirrors and motors but I dont`t know how build something with that. Has anyone got any Ideas how to build something with these things?

Back in the day I used to make custom "colour organs" for fun and profit. The circuits for LEDS used unfiltered full-wave rectified AC and SCRs fed from a set of simple low-pass, band-passs, high-pass filters. Each going to a different colour. It was quite effective.

Thx that sounds quite cool. Could you post a link or a schematic?

See the attached schematic. Not pretty, but it should work.

Values will depend on your circumstances (Number of LEDS, voltage of audio signal, cross-over frequencies, gate current of chosen SCR). It doesn’t have to be exact.

As an example, if your audio is around 10V and the gate current of the SCRs is 5ma then choose R13, R14 and R15 to be 2K each. If we want the cross-over frequencies to be around 500Hz and 5KHz then:

C1 and C4 = 1/(2000 * 500) = 1uF

C2 and C3 = 1/(2000 * 5000) = 0.1uF

DO not forget the floor - -

And invite Tony Manero ;)

Thx allot for the help. I will start building tommorow.