how can i power three servo and an arduino UNO using a single 12 volt battery?

I have a 12 volt rechargeable battery, and I am in need to provide power supply to my project, that contains 3 servo motors ( 2-MG995 and 1- DXW90) and also my arduino UNO . I am getting issues like when i use all these through arduino the arduino stops working. so how can i solve this issue. I have a small bread board,should i use it for delivering power.. please guide me so that I could finish my project ...... suggest me some connections so that i could understand....

You should not draw power for motors or servos THROUGH an Arduino.

You don't say how much current your servos need but, in general, you need something to reduce the 12v down to 5v or 6v for the servos. A 7805 voltage regulator IC is a possibility but they are inefficient and you might need one for each servo in order to provide enough current.


I powered 18 servos from a 11.1v LiPo battery. I used a voltage regulator like this one to cut it to the 5v that my servos wanted. Don't forget to tie the ground to the arduino.