How can I recieve midi note on and note off?

Hello everybody, I would like to build a project in which i receive midi note on and note off data via bluetooth on the ESP 32, not sure if I would need classic or BLE, however it is important that the midi messages are recieved wirelessly. I have been searching for the past few days which software I would need to do this with an ESP 32, but i still have no idea how to do this, I would like replicate what I have seen here, if anymore information is needed please let me know I will update asap.

Start by getting rid of all the big words and technical terms and just say what you want your project to do.

I'm willing to bet that if you can explain it without all the other junk that you'll be able to find more information about it on Google.

See Control Surface: MIDI Tutorial.

You can then replace USBMIDI_Interface by BluetoothMIDI_Interface.

Ill try this out after work, thank you

Yeah if the suggestion below fails ill take a step back and try and come up with a simple schematic to solve the problem.

So you have a piano that can receive MIDI messages and play the notes like in that video?

Have you seen this app?

I dont have a piano or keyboard like this, but what i want to do is recieve note off and note on messages via a DAW software, i did it once using ableton live 10 and used the hairless midi bridge to connect ableton live, to my arduino uno board, and each note off and note on had a unique hex number that i could used to operate certain LEDs depending on which note came through. This was done with the arduini connected to my PC via usb.

This time i want to do the same with an esp32 via bluetooth so that no wires are involved in the recieving of the note on and note off, id love to know which software the person in this video was using and if it is free or not, i have downloaded "cakewalk" now known as "sonar" which is a free DAW software, havent had much chance to explore how to use it just yet but will do when i get back home.

If you have any suggestions for the best software to use (to compose your own/download midi tracks) please let me know.

So what are these LEDs?
If they are addressable LED strips then it will not work. This is because when sending data out to an addressable strip the interrupts are disabled. This stops everything else from working, so even if you had wires you end up missing some MIDI messages.

They are not strips there are instead, 16 LEDS connected through a PCA 16 CHANNEL PWM MODULE, since i have done this before via usb serial, i am confident i can do the same with bluetooth recieved from the DAW to my esp32, its just seeting up the bluetooth connection im unsure about, with usb serial using ableton live 10 i selected an IAC driver under preferences for the midi data to be sent from, and then it went through the hairless midi bridge, to my arduino, now that im planning on using bluetooth with esp32 its a little different, when the esp32 is connected via usb to the pc the hairless midi recognises it on the correct com port, but i am not sure if hairless midi can send data via bluetooth

I did this software about a year ago, it is for the Raspberry Pi
Tap-a-led part 3

But why the obsession with wireless?

If your Bluetooth device can present itself as a serial device then it can use hairless, but wireless Bluetooth can present itself as MIDI if you code it right.

Sorry but I don’t touch the ESP32 as it is not a real Arduino, so I can’t be more specific than that.

im going to try out a few things, im going to try what pieterp suggested, the reasons it need to be wireless this time is because I am using a switchmode power supply which will be connected to the mains, so I dont believe it is safe to also have the esp32 plugged into the PC which is also connected to mains, thank you for the video I will check it out now, if all else fails im also looking into MIDI over BLE to see if I can get it hooked up that way, there are many videos of people who have done it, just not really many tutorials ive seen as of yet, im brand new to the ESP32 myself, very impressive board, just need to get to grips with it :slight_smile:

Sorry but that is nonsense, it is perfectly safe to do that. Switch mode power supplied are isolated from the mains.

thanks for letting me know that, i have many options to choose from now. does this mean that they behave like DC?

Not too sure what you mean, but yes they behave like independent DC sources, so you could put two in series to get a split supply if you wanted.

The BluetoothMIDI_Interface I referred to earlier implements the MIDI over BLE protocol.

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