How do I find PH20Port.h library

Hi guys.
I bought a smart house for my school project. But I just started to learn how to program in Arduino. I got also codes with this house but there are some libraries I do not have downloaded. I can't find some of them. I do not know what to do. I can't find PH20Port.h library anywhere. Here is my program for music doorbell. If anyone response I will be very happy and thankful. Sorry for my English, I am just learning it too.

#include "Buzzer.h"
#include "Sounds.h"
#include "PH20Port.h"

PH20Port buzzerplay(P9);

#include "Buzzer.h"

int touch_PIN2  = 2;
Buzzer mBuzzer = Buzzer(buzzerplay.pin1());
Buzzer buzzer(buzzerplay.pin1());

void setup() {


void loop()  {

   if (digitalRead(touch_PIN2)==HIGH) {
    mBuzzer.bendTones(1500, 2500, 1.05, 20, 8);
    mBuzzer.bendTones(2499, 1500, 1.05, 25, 8);
  } else {


where did you buy it from? do you have a link?

so if you read carefully the description in your link, they mention the repository where you can grab the code

your PH20Port.h is in there

Thanks a lot. You are real life hero. <3

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