How do I upgrade from easy driver to DRV8825 ?

Newbie here.

I’m working on a project and in need of upgrading the driver from easydriver to DRV8825. Im setting up a power high torque Nema 17 so need to upgrade the driver.

How do I wire the DRV 8825 driver instead of the easydriver ?

Do I need to make changes in the sketch as well ?

I have attached the wiring here and here is the link for the full project.

The Pololu DRV8825 web page has a good wiring diagram and advice about setting the current limit to protect the motor.

The DRV8825 defaults to single stepping and AFAIK the Easydriver defaults to microstepping so you will need to take account of that.

Stepper Motor Basics
Simple Stepper Code

I see that Both drivers have the similar motor
connections. So nothing to worry there.

So the VMOT and GND on DRV 8825 is similar to the GND and M+ on the easy driver, right ? I would just put a
capacitor like 100uF between them and wire.

STEP and DIR are similar on both drivers and the GND is connected to GND of the UNO

Is that all I need to worry ?