How many MOSI lines can I wire to AD9833 chips

I have a project where I am running 4 oscillators using the SPI line and using various lines for SS (Chip Select). It is working great and I would like to add 4 more oscillators. I'm not sure If I can have 8 MOSI lines or if I should just add a second controller.

These AD9833 chips claim low power. Any experience? My SS lines are 6, 7, 8, 9

They would all share the same SCK & MOSI line, each would need it’s own chip select line.
You may need to buffer the SCK & MOSI lines if the wiring is long, it can add capacitance and mess up the signal edges.

Current varies with supply voltage and frequency. 5V, 10MHz, Fig 7 shows a little over 5mA. 8 chips, 40mA?
25 MHz, no data or formulas are provided.