How should I wire a POTENTIO on KiCad and which should I buy?

Hi elentronic friends,

I have a questions regarding to KiCad in Wiring a Potentiometer:

How do I have to wire it ? My aim ist, to measer the position of the POT, in other words: whether it is set low, middle or high.

I have attached a Poti from CiKad Library... I simply do no know, where to connect the pins.. and I have no clue what the arrow means...

Pin1 to VCC ??
Pin2 to AnalogPin ?
Any PullUp or Pulldwon maybe ?
And what KOhm should I use ? There are many different Ohms on Aliexpress:


I simply do not know :smiley:

Is this maybe okay ?

And also: are 10K POTIs okay too ?

I wanna use a ATTINY24


The last picture shows the proper connection. 3 to Vcc, 1 to Gnd, or the opposite!, and the wiper, 2, to an analog inout of the controller. No pullup nor any pulldown!

thanks, but are 10K POTs okay for a ATTINY24 ?

Yes! Perfect!

Thanks dude :smiley:

Last but not least: do you know a ATTINY withat least 3 A0 pins ?

I'm an UNO guy.... Goggle for data sheets for the ATTINY.
I don't find that table listing those things for the moment. Bedtime long time ago....

okay friend. thanks anyway.. greetings from Bielefeld, Germany

Greetings from Sweden...

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Refer to website ATtiny microcontroller comparison chart - Wikipedia
The column that shows ADC pins is the analog pins of the microcontroller. So the following have atleast 4 analog pins (A0, A1, A2, A3)
ATtiny13, ATtiny13V, ATtiny13A
ATtiny25, ATtiny25V, ATtiny45, ATtiny45V, ATtiny85, ATtiny85V
I suggest ATtiny85.


Hi, @absoltue_beginner
What is your project?
Why do you need a ATtiny format?

Thanks..Tom.. :smiley: :+1: :coffee: :australia:

You have saved my day (night). Thank you friend. Greetings from Bielefeld, Germany.

Hi Tom. Greetings to Australia from Germany.

I need a ATTiny because Arduino is to expensive.

I want to builf a RFID SmartSwitch... something like: putting your RFID, and than your TV, Computer and other stuff will turn on... you know that: if you come home from work, Switching too many devices on, takes too much time.

Or another idea which I will do later: waking up at morning, than your water heater turns on, your computer turns on, and other stuff.

Well, maybe.

Most of us use the Chinese knock-offs which are (or used to be before the plague) inexpensive and in fact, hardly more than the ATtiny chip itself, certainly cheaper than assembling all the necessary parts.

A UNO is not at all suitable for most practical applications in any case; if you need USB connection then a Nano, otherwise a Pro Mini neatly contains on a board all the basic operational parts (and a couple of unnecessary ones - the regulator and the pilot LEDs though the pin 13 LED can be useful). :sunglasses:

Hi friend.. you have suggested me the ATtiny85.

Can you recommend me a Chinese board from ?

Hi, can you recommend me a ATiny85 knock-off from ?

sorry, i meant a ATtiny24.. can anyone recommend me a Chinese knock-off from ?

or another knockoff. it should have at least 4 ADC pins and 12 GPIO pins


Thank you falks, for all you answers... but I think u all understood me wrong. I am looking for a ATiny with at least 4 ADC and 8 GPIO pons... but (now the Important problem):

It should not be a original ATiny. It should be a no name Mikrocontroller but with compareable functions like ATiny..

And it as to be very very cheap.