How to add time delay and duration using Pots?


I am new to Arduino and have very limited knowledge of C++. I just bought an Arduino Uno and I'm waiting for it to arrive. In the meantime I'm just using a simulator to play with code.

I have this Random LED flasher below and it works great as-is, but I want to add (2) potentiometers: Pot1 to increase/decrease the time delay between flashes, and Pot2 to adjust the duration the LED is on.

-How would I wire the 2 Pots to the Arduino Uno?
-What value Pots do I need?
-What codes do I need to add to the code below to achieve this?

Thanks for the help!

Here is the code that I have now:

int ranNum;
int ranDel;
void setup() {
// Seed RNG from analog port.
// Assign port 3 for LED
pinMode(3, OUTPUT);

void loop() {
ranNum=random(3,11);   //Generate random number between 8 and 10
ranDel=random(3,400);  // Generate random delay time
digitalWrite(ranNum, HIGH); //Turn on the LED
digitalWrite(ranNum, LOW); //Turn off the LED

I suggest 10 kOhm pots. Connect one end of the pot to GND and the other end to plus 5. The viper in the middle to an analig input.
Then use the map function to scale the reading to a suitable value for its use., time delay resp, duration. Simple C code....