How to attach sd card module to Arduino Leonardo?

How can I attach my micro sd card module to my Arduino Leonardo? I got it to work on an Arduino UNO by using pins 10,11,12,13 and GND and 5 volt. But when I try the same thing on the Leonardo, it doesn't work. No file writes. How can I get this to work? Thanks!

Use the pins on the 6-pin header at the side of the board.

If you Google for Leonardo pinout you will find plenty images. Or you can consult the schematic.

Hmmm, I put MISO on 6, MOSI on 5, SCK on 7, and CS on 4, but it isn't working

I also made sure to use SD.begin(4)

the ICSP/SPI 2x3 header (there is no pin 7)

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