How to bypass X509 certificates

Now i am using Wio Terminal to send https and http request. May i know how to bypass X509 certificates in WiFiClientSecure.Currently i am using Seeed_Arduino_rpcWiFi library but this library didn't had "setInsecure()" function. Anyone can help?

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Sorry i don't know what do you mean?

This may not answer your question, but my router was old, (probably older than me?) and did not support WPA. As of ESP8266WiFi library Version 2.5.0, WPA is is the default mode. The solution is to get a better router, or add
WiFi.enableInsecureWEP(); before calling WiFi.begin().

It may be the same with the library you mentioned.

I am completely unfamiliar with the Wio, but it look like an interesting device. Have you tried using the libraries provided by Seeed?

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