How to change the instruction set on Arduino board?

Hi, I would like to know how to change the instruction set on a Arduino board? Hopefully, with tutorials,Thanks a lot!

More information needed.

You can write Macros.

by using a different MCU

"Instruction set" is a property of a processor (microcontroller, or CPU in a computer). It cannot be changed - examples would be AVR (used in the ATmega processors in many classic Arduino boards), ARM (used in many newer boards) and so on. This will be listed somewhere on the product information page for the board (or if not there, certainly in the datasheet). A different instruction set would mean a different board with a different microcontroller on it. Different instruction set generally means very different board.

Are you using the correct word?

Are you getting an error message referring to "Instruction Set" that you do not understand? Please post the full error message and someone will be able to help you...

Are you sure you you want to change the instruction set? Could you describe your problem little more?