How to connect MPU-6050 accelerometer to arduino?

How can I connect the MPU-6050 (GY-521) accelerometer to an an arduino uno or yún? In this article it says that you have to connect it to the I2C bus.

Can I still connect over the normal arduino pins?

What’s the best way to connect it?

Seems to me the only way to connect it, is on the I2C bus. What's preventing you from doing that?

The Arduino Yun is an Arduino Leonardo plus the wifi/linux module. Use the SDA and SCL pins (SDA to SDA, SCL to SCL). Since your module has a voltage regulator, use the Arduino 5V pin to VCC. And the Arduino GND pin to GND. Run the example sketch from that Playground page, or the i2c_scanner sketch.

Hi Dominik,

Check pinout diagramm where the SCL and SDA pins a are located: Above D13,AREF, GND and closed reset button ( for UNO)
plug INT to D2
and the others pins do not connect them. ( are to be used if another I2C device to be controlled by the MPU )

pinout diagramm unov3pdf.pdf (813 KB)

Check out this site:

Maybe You can get some ideas from here.

//Best regards Anders