How to connect several sensors to a wireless "coordinator" Arduino ?


I'm kind of new in the domain of wireless electronics, and I would need advices for a high-school project.
I started using Arduino a few years ago but I've never tried to connect Arduino together, and that's why I need advices.
Basically, what I want to do is this :

  • I will have a "central" Arduino, on which I'll put one or more Radio Receiver (those receiver should be able to receive analog informations from my sensors).
  • I will have three Arduino Micro on which I'll plug my sensors (temperature, humidity, etc) and a Radio Transmitter (which will send analog infos).

I have a few questions for you :

  • What technology should I use, considering that my devices would be at a maximum distance of 30meters from the "central" board ? RF433MHz ? Bluetooth ? Wi-Fi ?
  • Is there a technology allowing me to identify each of my transmitter with a unique ID, so I could use only one receiver who will detect the signal from all the sensors and who will be able to know from which sensors it comes ?

Thank you,

It should be possible to establish a bluetooth network but I believe the common view is that it isn't, and 30m might be stretching the friendship anyway.

An NRF24 network may be worth considering if the central unit is a high-power version.

It looks like a pretty simple and powerful solution. I'll try that.

Thanks :slight_smile: