How to connect the rp2040 to a w5500 ethernet?

I have a dumb question, but how do I connect the rpi pico, to a w5500 ethernet module, with the arduino ethernet library ? Is it the same wiring that with the python one ?

I can't find anything on the internets.


HOWTO use W5x00 Ethernet with RP2040

1. Wiring for ArduinoCore-mbed core

W5500 <---> RP2040
MOSI <---> GP3
MISO <---> GP4
SCK <---> GP2
SS <---> GP5
GND <---> GND
VCC <---> +3.3V

2. Wiring for Earle Philhower's arduino-pico core

2.1 SPI0 (default)

W5500 <---> RP2040
MOSI <---> GP19
MISO <---> GP16
SCK <---> GP18
SS <---> GP17
GND <---> GND
VCC <---> +3.3V

2.2 SPI1

W5500 <---> RP2040
MOSI <---> GP15
MISO <---> GP12
SCK <---> GP14
SS <---> GP13
GND <---> GND
VCC <---> +3.3V

Try to use my EthernetWebServer library which support RP2040 for both cores.

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Thanks it worked greatly !

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